Benefits of Using Wooden Staircases in Your Home’s Interiors and Exteriors

Wooden Staircases and Furniture Sundecks

Staircases provide a safe way to traverse from one level of your home to another. You can even use them to create an effortless transition between the wooden decking and your indoor living spaces. But, today’s staircases offer much more than functionality – they can also be used to bring character and elegance to your home’s interiors and exteriors.

Of course, staircases receive plenty of foot traffic and picking the right material makes a huge difference. When it comes to this, you can opt for either wooden staircases, concrete or metal staircases. Wondering which material is ideal for your home?

At Decking Durban, we often recommend wooden staircases to our clients. And for good reason; wooden staircases offer a ton of benefits, which include:

It’s Lightweight

If you are going for a tall or winding staircase inside or outside your house, constructing wooden staircases is perhaps your best shot. Why is that so? You see, wood is often much lighter than both metal and concrete. Even so, they offer the same sturdiness, strength, and durability if installed by a pro like Decking Durban. Of more importance, however, is that wooden staircases don’t exert too much pressure on your floors.

Wood Grain Adds Unique Ambiance and Beauty to Your Home

Wooden staircases have gained increased popularity partly because the wood grain and unique pattern add a touch of ambiance to the decor of your home. And grain varies significantly from one type of timber to another. With all these decorative options, you will be spoilt for choice.

Many Options for Finishes

The good thing about wooden staircases is that you have a sizzling assortment of finish options available to you. You can expect wood stains that come in a wide variety of colours, ranging from black to ebony to light ash. If you want to leave the wood all-natural, your wooden staircases will still look fantastic and functional. You cannot say the same about concrete or metal.

It Can Marry well with Your Wooden Decking

If you have sundecks in your outdoor space, the chances are that they are made of an excellent choice of wood. Of course, wooden decking adds not just functionality, but also style and beauty to your outdoor landscape. By choosing wooden staircases, you are going for something that blends well with your decking in Durban.

Cost Effective and Easy to Install

If you hire the right wooden decking professional, you’ll find that the whole process of building wooden staircases becomes effortlessly easy and quite affordable.