Wooden Decking Durban – Types of timber

Wooden Decking Durban (t/a Durban Decks) is a well-reputed name in Durban, known for providing the best quality decking services. At Durban Decks, we work hard to fulfill customer’s requirements with the most durable work at an affordable cost. We strive for customer’s contentment, and satisfaction. Our team works hard to maintain the quality work as best as possible. Wooden Decking Durban is the name of quality with superiority. Our reliable services include; Sundecks, Awnings, Balustrades, Pergolas, composite decking and sundeck refurbishments.

Timber is a kind of wood known for its super performance in different environments. Timber is sustainable wood used in construction and building purposes, also in furniture making. Timber is also known for its beauty and attraction that’s why it is used as wooden decking also.

Timber Decking

Timber Decking is used at a wide range because of distinct timber qualities. Wooden Decking Durban offers durable quality timber decking for its customers. We provide three of the best and durable types of timber which are used for wooden sundecks, namely; Balau wood, H3 treated Pine, Massaranduba.

  1. Balau

Balau wood is a high density, hard wood best known for its durability, due to its strong nature, this wood works for long term and less maintenance on your wooden sundeck. It is the most popular wood used in wooden decking because of its high density and durable quality. Balau wood is found in two kinds, yellow Balau wood and red Balau wood.

Although both types belong to Balau wood, there are some distinct features which make them some different from each other. That’s why these are used in wooden decking but not for the same purpose.

Yellow Balau wood is well known in deck construction because of its hard form and durability. It offers elegant colors, i.e., golden brown, light brown and pale reddish brown.

Red Balau is considered more durable than its yellow version. It has a longer lifespan.

Wooden decking Durban provides a good range of durable Balau decking in both kinds at an affordable cost.

  1. H3 Treated Pine:

H3 treated Pine is also a type of timber. It is made by some additional chemical treatment of timber which adds some certain qualities which makes it best suitable for outdoor decking projects. The treatment of timber confines it with a quality of the termite-resistant property, decay resistive property; and makes it able to stay longer in a dry climate. These distinct properties of H3 treated Pine makes it best suited for outdoor decking.

For a termite solution, Pine is treated and converted into H3 treated Pine, this adds up the quality of being termite-resistant to it. H3 treated Pine adds to the lifespan of wood which makes it more durable and suitable for outdoor environments, and they last for a long-time duration. Wooden decking Durban provides the most appropriate services of wooden timber decking in this regard; we offer fine quality outdoor decking in H3 treated Pine wooden material which is the best choice for outdoor decking. We offer the most suitable work in outdoor decking as well as indoor decking.

  1. Massaranduba:

Massaranduba is another beautiful kind of timber wood. It is a Brazilian redwood. At Durban Decks, this decking is providing with the best quality work. We work hard to maintain our quality work. Massaranduba is a more resistive wood which resists the staining, mold, decay, and rot. We believe in maintaining the quality of wooden decking as splendid as it can last long in your home. We work to provide the best services in an affordable price range in Durban in this regard.

Massaranduba is extremely resistant to environmental changes which cause wood decay. It is also best suited for outdoor decking. With its durable quality, Massaranduba timber comes in an  attractive color series form lush red to reddish brown. Wooden decking Durban offers all these colors in Massaranduba decking.

Wooden Decking Durban also provides refurbishment of wooden decks.  Our team works to help you in making your home look more beautiful and attractive with wooden decks. Old wooden decks make your home fresher with the renovation. But a little renovation is needed to make it worth. The appropriate selection helps a lot in creating an entirely new look in the old decking. Wooden Decking Durban workers provide optimal services at a low-price range in this regard.

Years of Experience

Wooden Decking Durban has worked with eminence on over 40 projects of wooden decking in the last two years. We have worked to keep customers happiness as our priority. We believe that customer satisfaction reflects our working goals; the response from our valuable customers judges our hard work. We always try to provide the best services all over Durban.

Our customer’s reviews about our work have given us the strength and drive to continue to provide the best service. Our aim is to bring your ideas to discover to life at the most affordable prices.