Why are Hardwoods Making Inroads in Wooden Decking?

Well-crafted, well-maintained, and fabulously finished wooden decking can add both aesthetics and value to your home. Traditionally, softwoods like pine have always been used to make wooden decking in Durban. However, for the past decade or so, hardwoods have gained increased traction for use in wooden decks

And for good reasons:

Hardwoods Bring the Better of the Two WorldsBeauty and Strength

Hardwoods like iroko, teak, cumaru, and ipe offer the best of durability and elegance. They provide you with the best wooden decking Durban structures simply because they are durable and sturdy. Also, hardwoods infuse fantastic aesthetics into your decking because of their varied and unique feel and look. That’s right – each and every hardwood offers its own grain, texture, character, and colour. The end result is a wooden decking that adds a flare of style, beauty, and functionality to your outdoor spaces.

Works Well With Multilevel Decking Designs

If you’re lucky to hire top-notch wooden decking experts in Durban, hardwoods will take your two-story or three-story decks to the next level. Hardwoods often marry well with partial skirting on the exterior.

Natural Protection against a Myriad of Pests and other Nuisances

Most indigenous hardwoods have resins that offer natural protection against several termites, ants, and even bushfires.

Effortless Maintenance

As if that isn’t fabulous enough, hardwoods are effortlessly easy to clean and maintain. Unlike softwoods, they are less susceptible to scratches and other marks. More than that, hardwoods can simply be sanded down, cleaned, and resealed to restore them to their great natural beauty. That is the allure of hardwoods in wooden decking Durban.

Tantalizing Variety

Hardwoods are also available in South Africa in a broad range of varieties. You can get an excellent choice of local hardwoods like eucalyptus as well as imported ones like Jarrah, Cumaru or Iroko.