Timber Decking: Wooden decking durban – What is Balau Wood and Its Benefits?

Timber Decking: Wooden decking durban – What is Balau Wood and Its Benefits?

The popularity of wooden decks Durban is increasing due to the immense heat in the city. People like to install wooden sundecks Durban in their houses. There are many kinds of wooden decking Durban like timber decking Durban etc. But what is the best wood for decking Durban? The answer is balau wood. If you want to know what kind of wood it is and how it is the best for wooden decking Durban then you’ve come to the right place.

What is Balau wood?

Balau wood is also called as Mahogany or red balau. Talking about its origin, red balau is extracted from tropical rainforests in Malaysia. It is considered as a tropical hardwood in South Asia and Philippines. The color of this wood ranges from pale straw to reddish brown color depending on its species. Balau wood has no characteristic odor which is one of the reasons why it is very famous. The texture is quite coarse with pore size ranging from medium to large. Sometimes the grain is interlocked. Decking with balau actually comes under one of the types of timber decking Durban. Harvesting of this wood takes place under full monitoring and regulation as it is considered an endangered species.

Benefits of using Balau wood for decking Durban:

There are a lot of properties and advantages of balau wood that makes it distinctive and beneficial for wooden decks Durban construction and many other architectural constructions also.


This wood is quite dense and heavy in nature. It is quite difficult to break it which is a good point. Wooden sundecks Durban made by balau are strong and firm in nature. So you can put pressure on them and they won’t complain for years to come.

Durability and high quality:

The quality of the wood is excellent as compared to other woods. Wooden decks made from this wood are durable and last for a long time. They will actually last for more time than other things in your house. It doesn’t get affected by moisture easily so it is best to build things like watercraft ramps, boat docks and bridges etc. other than just decks.

Well defined finish:

Everyone likes to place things in their house that are of good quality and look excellent too. The balau wood gives a well-defined and elegant look to your wooden deck. So with balau wood work inside your house, you can expect to hear a lot of compliments from guests.

Price and affordability:

Price is one of the major features when you decide to buy or build something. Not many people are super rich and it becomes difficult for them to choose when they see high price items. Balau wood is quite affordable. It is not just inexpensive but has a good quality which makes it a number one choice.


It is resistant to a lot of things. You can trust this wood to last for years to come. The firmness of the wood makes it highly resistant to things like wood shrinking, splintering, pest infection, decays, and molds.

Final Words:

Besides the aforementioned advantages, the wood has a lot of other benefits as well. Firstly, it doesn’t rot, so your investment in this wood will be safe. Also, it can withstand extreme weather conditions so you can use it even in extreme heat conditions. Unlike other types of wood, balau wood can withstand fire as well. Lastly, it needs very low maintenance so you won’t have to hire carpenters every now and then. Therefore, it is best if you choose the balau wood when you need decking.