Some things to consider when installing Wooden Sundecks

With the heat of summer right at the doorstep, the best present that you can give yourself and family members is a wooden sundeck. A quality sundeck during hot weather, leading off into your lounge or pool area can help to improve your outdoor lifestyle considerably. Well designed and professionally installed wooden sundecks can last and give you years of satisfaction.

Not only do decks serve aesthetic value to your property, but they are also relatively inexpensive and even easier to assemble, unlike some other home improvement projects that require months on end to complete. Whether you are in the market for a small or full-on wooden sundeck to improve your outdoor living or entertaining, here are some things to consider when installing wooden sundecks:

Your design and location

Before you think about adding a deck, it is important to first consider whether you have the amount of space needed to install one. Next, you have to figure out the best design for the amount of space that you have, as well as the most suitable location.

If you are not sure about the design and location, consider interviewing professional wooden sundeck installers who will come out to your home and give a free inspection. Alternatively, your landscaper or designer should be able to advise you on the best positioning so that your location and design can work seamlessly together. When picking your location or design, be sure to keep your privacy in mind as well.

The elements

If you are planning on using your deck primarily for entertainment purposes, you might want to incorporate extra design elements such as extra storage or built-in wooden seats for your guests. Other design elements that can be included in wooden sundecks includes built-in speakers, fridges and grills, and ambient outdoor lighting for your late night parties.

Wood types

Before you settle on anything, it is important to conduct your research first so as to determine if the wood type that you want is suitable to your location. There are many different types of wooden materials that you can use for your sundeck and the material that you decide on will be based purely on your budget, purpose, aesthetics, and preference. Some common materials that you can select include:

  • Balau
  • H3 Treated Pine
  • Composite (plastic)

The Finishing

Finishing your deck will allow the deck to last longer and give you the final look that you envisioned when you started the installation. As with everything, carry out your research to know which finishing best suits your wooden sundeck.