Balastrades Installation Durban

If you are looking to make a compelling first impression in your home, consider installing wooden balustrades. They come with lots of wow factor and pizzazz that can effortlessly transform your home from a drab to fab in a breeze. The architecture and design of wooden balustrades alone make a home look and feel sophisticated.

From the quality of wood to exquisite designs, balustrades made by Decking Durban add splendid architecture, lush, and aesthetics to your home’s interiors or exteriors. And since you want your new staircases to pop out, picking the best balustrades is a must. Best of all, beautiful wooden balustrades can blend superbly well with wooden decking or patio.

Trying to pick the perfect wooden balustrades, however, is no picnic. With the following tips, you can choose the ideal wooden balustrades for your stairs, wooden decking, patio or veranda.

Choosing the Best Type of Timber

Your choice of timber for your balustrades can have a massive impact on the beauty, safety, and overall value of your house. That’s not something you’re willing to compromise. Luckily, there are plenty of timber options available for balustrades and wooden decking in Durban.

Nonetheless, you want your timber to marry well with your decor, wooden decking, and still, offer durability. Besides, it should be within your budget. At Decking Durban, we provide a broad range of quality timber to match your needs, including oak, pine, iroko, and so forth.

Consider the Wooden Decking

It’s crucial that your balustrades match the style, design, and taste of your wooden decking. If you went with hardwood in your sundecks or patio, choosing the same for your balustrades is imperative. Every detail in your wooden balustrades, from staining to grain pattern, should accentuate your wooden decking.

Think about Prevalent Conditions and Location

One consideration you have to make when choosing balustrades is the location of the sundecks, stairs or patio. Some species/timber types will brave hot or rainy weather better than others. It’s often wise to consult a decking expert in Durban to ensure that you are making the right decision.

Choosing the Right Style

Wooden balustrades are popular because they add value and warmth. But, there are several styles to think about, including rustic, contemporary, traditional, curved geometric, and craftsman. That’s where hiring a pro can come in handy.


While handrails are added to balustrades as a safety measure, you also have to think about the aesthetics and appeal they bring. There are lots of extra features like bullnose, nosing, posts, and newels that can improve the look and feel of your balustrades without compromising their safety.