Wooden Awnings Installation

Simple Mistakes to Avoid when Building Your Awnings

If you are looking to turn your wooden decking or patio into a quiet, relaxing, and private retreat, installing top-quality awnings can do the trick. From the design and material to choosing the right contractor for the job, there are lots of mistakes that can happen.

In this blog post, we have rounded up 5 mistakes you need to look out for to ensure that you awnings look and feel fabulous.

#1. Hiring the Wrong Contractor

Not all awnings installers are created equal. A company like Decking Durban with an experienced team, top-notch equipment, and expertise is poised to do a bang-up job on your awnings. But, picking the wrong contractor often means shoddy work, poor workmanship, and hefty price.

No matter how you look at it, you need to bring in someone who’s not only experienced and well rated, but also insured, bonded, and certified by a credible institution. More than that, you need to ask for references and paperwork that ascertain the company’s credibility.

#2. Picking the Wrong Material and Fabric

If you are looking to add shading to your wooden decking, top-shelf awnings will come in handy. But, remember awnings are made from a range of fabrics and materials. You want something that’ll withstand the prevent weather. If you end up installing awnings with poor-quality fabric, you are looking at endless repairs ahead. Select a material that will not just last longer, but also easy to maintain and resistant to rot.

#3. Not Thinking about the Weight of the Awnings

Awnings are often supported by wooden structures to provide privacy and shade to an outdoor area with wooden decking. That is why it is crucial to pick one that will support its own weight in the long run. The choice of wood and fabric itself should be lightweight and sturdy so that it doesn’t weigh too much on the wooden decking. Besides, choosing something that’s light will avoid unsightly sagging spots on your awnings.

#4. Getting the Dimensions Wrong

Every detail in your awnings should be picture-perfect. If you hire a quack, however, you might end up with something that is either too large or too small. That’s a big no-no. An excessively large awning can bring down the beauty and aesthetics of your wooden decking. That’s why it pays to hire a decking Durban professional to get the dimensions of your awnings right.

#5. Not Matching the Style with Your Wooden Decking

If you already have a wooden decking or patio, you want the awnings to blend beautifully into the whole setup. The timber, stain, and even the finish should marry well with those of the sundecks.