Important Things to Consider Before Installing Decking in Durban

Building new decking in Durban is an absolutely fabulous way to extend your living room outdoors. It can add a touch of style, elegance, and functionality to your outdoor space. But before building wooden decks in Durban, you need to think about deck amenities, maintenance, and materials to determine the perfect deck design for your home.

Here are a few things to put into consideration before planning and building your wooden decks in Durban.

Type of Wood

It’s important to know your choices when it comes to wooden decking materials.. However, a variety of hardwoods is making inroads into the outdoor decking scene in Durban. The durability and longevity of hardwoods place them in the ranks of composite materials. These wooden decks in Durban boast rich, luxurious look and feel.

Screws and Fasteners

Low-quality screws are a big no-no when building a wooden decking in Durban. Over time, the elements will corrode them, discolouring and shorten the decking lifespan. The last thing you want is an ugly, rickety outdoor decking. Go for high-quality, stainless-steel fasteners and screws to ensure that your decking in Durban lasts longer and looks fabulous.

Think about the Uses and Function

Do you live where the sun shines year-round? What’s the purpose of your decking? The typical reasons for installing decking in Durban include entertaining, dining, surrounding a pool or spa, and creating a pot-gardening zone. Some people also build decks to cordon off an area for privacy purposes.

Think about the Location

The location of your decking Durban is paramount. It can be determined by: the size of the compound; wind; proximity to your home; privacy; intended views; shade & sun; and so forth.

Decking Budget

Every detail of your decking will always boil down to your budget. Budgeting for a decking project, think about the Size of the deck, how complicated the design is, your choice of deck builder/contractor, and extras like flower boxes, railings, balustrades, built-in seating, and so on.

You also need to think about extras such as railing for high decks in Durban, roofing for unpredictable weather, fencing for privacy, and other custom features you are looking for in your decking.

Construction Codes

Your decking contractor can guide you on building codes and regulations pertaining to your decking. However, you need to research in advance.

Why go through all the trouble – hire the best decking specialists in Durban, and they’ll take care of everything, from start to finish.