How to Glam-Up Your Outdoors with Pergolas

Traditionally, pergolas are used to integrate a shaded area or structure into an outdoor landscape. They offer a sweet spot in the outdoors to entertain guest, host braais, and even barbeque. But there’s more to pergolas than functionality; they are a great way to add elegance and beauty to the backyard of your home as well. Some designers even enjoin a pergola to the living room to blur the lines between the indoors and the outdoors.

Over the years, Decking Durban professionals have helped thousands of clients add pergolas to their compounds, so we have got a wealth of experience in the field. Call them the holy grail, check out the following pergolas tips to help you bring character and value to your outdoors. One more thing: hiring the best wooden decking expert in Durban to construct your pergolas is the only way to put your best foot forward.

#1. Work with the Landscape

An excellent wooden decking designer or installer knows that finding a natural spot for the pergola is paramount. But it also has to blend well with the surrounding landscape elements. Constructing a pergola around trees or against a hilly slope of your compound, for instance, can add a touch of exotic feel and look to your outdoors. Besides it also provides the owners with utmost privacy too.

#2. Use Pergolas to Soften Transition between Wooden Decking and Your Home

On the same note, pergolas can be used as transitions to offer a seamless flow from your home to the outdoors. In such a case, the pergola design is more decorative than it’s functional. Oftentimes that means the textual material on the wooden decking repeat in the pergolas.

#3. Blend with a Wooden Decking or Patio

As the most sought-after decking Durban expert, we often find it easy, functional and beautifying to integrate a pergola with a deck or patio. While it can stand alone, a pergola can also work like a charm with other outdoor structures like wooden decking or patio. It’s a fabulous way to add sun lounges and BBQ spots.

#4. Using Pergolas as Hardscapes

A pergola can fit naturally into an expansive landscape, especially if it’s integrated well with several other outdoor living amenities such as stucco fireplace, BBQ pit, seating areas, and so forth. Whatever tickles your fancy, we have what it takes to turn your pergolas into part of your hardscapes.

These are only but a few pergola ideas that can transform your outdoors. You can also use pergolas as accents, decorative focal points, and also bring the contrast of colors to your outdoors. The possibilities are endless, but you need to hire a pro to do the job right.

AUTHOR: Wooden Decking Expert Durban