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Your home is a place where you spend most of your time, and this place needs to be a space that can reflect the elegance of your personality through its interior and exterior.  Durban Decks is a well-reputed name in the world of timber flooring, sundecks, and pergolas across Durban. We deal in all kinds of outdoor timber structures, from decking to pergolas, staircases, and walkways, etc. Durban Decks comprises a highly experienced team that provides the masterpiece of artisan work to your interior and exterior. Whether it is your home or office, our professional team changes the entire look of your place through timber and wooden decking and elegant wooden flooring.

Why Choose Us?

Durban Decks is one of the most popular wooding decking installers in Durban who has been providing its services since 2016. We deal in sundecks, pergolas, staircases, and wooden flooring and this is our expertise in the field that makes us stay on the top rank among the other wooden decking providers in Durban.

The timber we use for decking and flooring is 100% sustainable and can tolerate all kinds of weather. We always choose materials that  can meet the most stringent atmospheric changes and are reliable enough to last for years. Materials used by us are seepage and termite free, and that is the reason why it can be confidently used for the exterior purpose as well. Here is a list of a different kind of wood used by us for flooring, staircase and decks purpose;

  • Balau
  • Garapa
  • H3 Treated Pine
  • Composite

From the list mentioned above, Composite is a material that is quite affordable and can be maintained easily. Though there is a vast range of composite available in the market we use only that one which gives permanent results. The composite decking Durban is considered as a benchmark among the services of Durban Decks. We can manufacture staircase, flooring, and decking from any wooden material depending upon the choice and budget of our worthy clients because we prefer to work in confidence with our customers and never try to impose a burden on their pockets. We make every effort to arrange for high-quality raw material before we start to work with your interior or exterior.

Different Services Provided by Durban Decks

The renowned decking manufacturers in Durban, Durban Decks, offer the following services to their customers;

  • Wooden decking
  • Flooring
  • Composite Decking
  • Awnings
  • Pergolas manufacturing
  • Astroturf installation
  • Sundecks
  • Timber Flooring

If you want to modify the interior of your workplace with wooden flooring, we assure you that whoever will visit your place will get a first impression of elegance and artistry at its peak. Wooden flooring done by Durban Decks will transform the overall look of your home and turn it more precious.

  • Wooden Decking

There is no doubt in the fact that wooden decking is more expensive than laminate decking but the comfortable and chic impression it imparts is unmatchable. Durability is the primary factor that adds more to the life of wooden decking, and by choosing Durban Decks, we can proudly declare that you have made the best choice because we provide the service of manufacturing and fixing wooden deck at a very affordable price. We at Durban Decks, use the best quality wood for decking purpose that has a capability of retaining its glow and elegance even after years.

  • Pergolas

We design pergolas according to the design and size demanded by our customers. Besides this, we also offer high-quality laminated beams to support the designing and application of pergolas. Here also expert hands are required to manufacture all and we are confident that at Durban Decks, we own a craftsman team that is diligent and hardworking and never misses the desired standards of quality.

  • Cladding

The cladding is another field of the decorative interior that is used as a screen wall. We make cladding with different measurements as required by our customers.

  • Staircase

Timber or wooden staircase is a glory of any building and manufacturing a wooden staircase is a hallmark of Durban Decks. We work on the staircase after getting the full consent of our customer regarding their requirements. We manufacture the staircase with the timber material as demanded by our customers. There is a wide variety in wood used for manufacturing staircases with the different price range. Usually, some of the most durable wooden raw material is recommended for manufacturing the staircase that can last for long without getting erosion or color fade issues. We suggest the best available options in wood available along with most consumer-friendly prices.

In short, Durban Decks can be called as one of the most reliable wooden decking experts in Durban who know precisely the aesthetic sense and priorities of their loyal customers. If you want to add a great value to your workplace and home interior, do not hesitate to contact us at our website or round the clock customer support service at Durban.

We assure you that by hiring our services, you will start loving your place more.