Choosing the Right Colour for your Wooden Decking

Are you looking for the best colour to stain your wooden decking in Durban? If yes, you are dead right on the spot — we are the number #1 expert in wooden decks in Durban, and we are here to make it easy for you!

If done expertly, wooden decking can take your outdoor space to a whole new and exciting level. However, if you don’t hire the right contractor, you might end up with decking that’ll become a huge nightmare. For one, if the stain of the timber decking Durban is done poorly, it can be quite distracting as well as a maintenance headache.

As the best wooden decking company in Durban, we’ve rounded up tried-and-true tips to help you choose the right deck stain colour befitting your outdoor space, home and lifestyle.

Match Your Home’s Exterior Colours and Style

If your home’s exterior feature a lucid colour palette and style, then picking your timber decking colour will be as easy as pie. If you are updating the home’s facade colour alongside the decking, then you have some work cut out for you. Nonetheless, your wooden decking colour should match seamlessly with your home’s exterior decor.

Consider the Type of Wood

If your wooden decks in Durban are made of composite boards, then you have nothing to worry about. That is unless they have colours have faded. For about any other type of wood, you must stain and paint it to look great and last longer. Don’t forget that most pre-treated timber decking in Durban are already stained and good to go.

How Much Wear and Tear will the Decking Have

Different portions of your wooden decking Durban get used differently. Stairs and multi-level decks, for instance, have more massive traffic than railings. That’s why you need to think about these parts before choosing the perfect decking colour.

If your timber decking is faced with much wear and tear, you might want to choose stains and colours that are easy to maintain and clean.

Consider the Surrounding Landscape

Whether you are surrounded by desert vegetation, affronted by sea water, or you have a lush wooded backyard, the surrounding landscape will play a significant role in determining a picture-perfect colour. For vegetated background, choose wooden decking stains in the wash of blue.

It’ll bring a relaxing accent to your outdoors.

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