5 Wooden Decking Patterns That’ll Not Break the Bank

If you are looking to build a timber decking in Durban, the chances are that you want to save a few thousands of Rands while at it. Nonetheless, your outdoor space also needs to look and feel unique, elegant, and stylish. Of course, there a ton of snazzy patterns that you can use on your next wooden decking Durban project.

Once you’ve picked a top-notch wooden decking expert in Durban, ask them to try the following five beautiful patterns so you can save money for other home improvement projects.

#1. Transition Board Pattern

If you want to keep your sundecks simple and cost-effective, look no further than transition boards. By installing a transition board running against the rest of the timber decking, you can use shorter board lengths and break up the dullness. It’s also ideal for creating unique separations between several different regions of the sundeck.

#2. Picture Frame Pattern

Kick it up a notch the transition boards with a picture frame pattern. Add a picture frame around your deck edges. It creates a unique look that will also save you money. Using different stains or colours on the frame will also take your deck to the next level.

#3. Patchwork

While patchwork pattern might be a little difficult for DIYers, it’ll be relatively easy for an experienced professional in wooden decking Durban. As such, this design is an elaborate version of the popular parquet wood flooring.

#4. Herringbone Pattern

If you are familiar with chevron wooden decking Durban pattern, then you might have a rough idea of what Herringbone pattern will look like. By using short boards and putting them at a 45-degree angle, you will create a deck that’s stunning and cheap.

#5. Transition Board+Chevron Pattern

This pattern in a hybrid of two pocket-friendly timber decking Durban layouts. The transition boards offer plenty of options while giving you the chances to use shorts while the chevron pattern gives your sundeck a fabulous appeal.

These are just but a few beautiful yet cheap wooden decking Durban patterns. It’s important to hire the right decking professional so that you can get the best results.

AUTHOR: Durban Decks