4 Eye-Opening Reasons Why Wood Is the Best Material for Your Backyard Deck

You may never know the beauty of that natural, rustic appearance of a wooden deck until you own one. And though you can choose a deck constructed using a different material, timber decks enjoy lots of traction and rightly so given the charming and appealing aura they create. That’s aside from being a calm area – a place where you will be meditating at or having a good time with family and friends.

If you are considering choosing a backyard deck made of wooden planks, don’t let the rigours associated with regular maintenance discourage you. First, start with the following eye-opening reasons:

  1. In construction, timber is simple to work with if you are a DIYer

Being light, portable and easy to cut into sizeable pieces, wood can create an enchanting deck quickly. Timber decking Durban often uses treated wood to fashion together an innovative and remarkable structure, which then solves the questions around durability. In the end, you will have a perfect outdoor living space without necessarily being a professional.

  1. It’s cheaper and cost-effective to construct and maintain

When it comes to building any structure, pricing is naturally the tipping point. As for a timber deck, the best wooden decking company Durban will tell you you’ve everything to win if you go for a wooden deck. First, it is a lot cheaper to construct as wood is readily available and will not demand any expensive skill.

  1. Wooden structures have a rare and natural charm

Besides having an extraordinary and innate softness, wood has natural and distinct warmth that no other construction material has. It is this kind of splendour that can be fashioned into one’s particular preferences and style. You can opt for a vintage look or even go for a rugged, urbane choice, provided it serves your need for a perfect outdoor space.

  1. Wood is stronger than all the other popular choices

Wood has for centuries served as the hallmark of great foundations because of how long it can last. The treated timber of today isn’t just less likely to succumb to attacks from mites and other insects, but can also withstand rotting and thus stay durable for a lifetime. When this combines with extreme engineering practices from such firms as timber decking Durban who is known for their incredible framing and railings, the structure will remain standing for years.

Worth knowing – did you know that the R150-R200 per square metre that’s charged by renowned wooden deckers like timber decking Durban is a modest amount compared to composite decks that can be up to 60% more expensive?

It’s clear, wooden decks are far much superior in all factors. Therefore, choose a trusted and reputable company to build one for you.